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All Lost City profits in October are going to Ukrainian Refugees

All Lost City profits in October are going to Ukrainian Refugees

by Vadym Ostrovskyy

October 30, 2022

At Colorado-based Lost City Hospitality Group it is not just catering to our need for a fresh cup of coffee, they are also helping Ukrainian Refugees in a big way.

We opened our doors in October 2019. The name Lost City is inspired by the ‘Ciudad Perdida’ of Teyuna in northern Colombia, evocative of lost places around the world and closer to home, from Mesa Verde to abandoned mining towns. It honors the lost city of Globeville, our neighborhood that was incorporated as a city in 1891 only to be annexed by Denver and sliced by development and freeways. And despite being in the vibrant and renewed heart of Denver, the Taxi complex sometimes feels a bit like a lost city.

Here is why Lost City decided to take such a generous action:

Why now?
The catastrophic war against Ukraine by Russia has already led to the displacement of 10 million Ukrainians, mainly women and children, including nearly 5 million who have fled across the border into Poland and neighboring countries.

To help respond to the worst conflict in Europe since WWII, Colorado businesses, nonprofits, and faith groups have launched a broad coalition that seeks to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees, and explore more permanent approaches to safe and dignified shelter.

To accomplish this, we are focused on acquiring underutilized buildings across Europe - we believe that during a crisis, palaces should be used to house

Find Out project.


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