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Everyone has a story.

We want to share yours.

We love to share stories. Stories educate, inspire, make us laugh; we fall in love with stories, and cry because of them.. Let's use stories to help Ukraine & its people. Even if your Story will inspire one person to help

Ukraine in a tiniest of ways, it is a win win for the community.

How Stories Work

Chose Story Format

Stories come in two forms: spotlights & interviews. Spotlights will ask you 2-3 questions and do not require you to update any headshots or pictures. Interviews consist of 10 questions and require headshots and pictures for the Story. Interviews are a great tool to show more aspects of who you are. Spotlights are awesome as they require minimal amount of effort while helping the community.

Fill out the form

Fill out your answers to interview questions. It will help to imagine that we are sitting in the coffee shop and talking in person.

Share your Story

We create your Custom Digital Story and publish it on our Digital Stories Wall. Now, people can easily access your Story with a custom Public URL. You can share this URL on your social media, website, or use it as you see fit. The more you share it, the more you will inspire others to help Ukraine.

Choose Your Story Style

Stories come in many forms. choose the style that works best for you.

spotlight story.png

"I support Ukraine because..."

No matter who you are, if you support Ukraine, we want to do a short spotlight about why you stand with Ukraine.

giving back matters.png

"Hidden Gems" Spotlight

Discover and support local Ukrainian mom and pops, artists, creatives, makers and small businesses

feature story.png

Nonprofit Interview

Are you a nonprofit helping Ukraine? Your story should be heard. Find new donors, supporters, partners, friends by sharing it.

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