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Ukrainian Movie Night Fundraiser

Ukrainian Movie Night Fundraiser

by Oksana Dovgan

November 12, 2022

Enjoy a documentary about Ukraine’s most beloved dish and also try it! All proceeds will go to a school bomb shelter in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Explore Ukrainian culture through food. Borcht is an integral part of Ukrainian family and community life. Meat-based or vegetarian, with or without beans, potatoes in or out, tomato sauce or real tomatoes added, dried mushrooms or smoked pears, or maybe just mom's borsch? Which variant should be considered "the real thing"? The battles have been lasting for years. That is why Yevhen Klopotenko, a well-known chef, sets out on a journey across Ukraine to uncover the most fascinating borsch recipes and to find the secret ingredients which make this dish unique. This fascinating trip resulted into a documentrary called “Borcht. The Secret Ingredient.”

All the proceeds raised from the tickets and your kind donations will help a school #12 in Chernihiv, Ukraine equip their bomb shelter with all the necessities. As of now there are 500 students enrolled and 50 teachers working in the building. Children and staff take shelter in the basement once sirens announce the threat of shelling - several times per day. The least we can do is help them make this space less dreadful. Together we can help provide toys, learning materials, etc. to make the kids less scared and distract them while they are taking shelter.

This event is brought to you by our sponsors: CO4UA organization, Galina Solonenko with CFG Multicultural Mortgage, Sam Gindin with Right Choice Insurance, Sahsha Graves with Principal Title, Kateryna Popova and Tatyana Furina with Key Bank. Home-baked desserts are kindly provided by Yana Kurenko.

Your ticket inludeds a meal, dessert and a soft drink.

Don’t miss a chance to be a lucky winner! Prize drawing will be held after the movie.


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