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Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.

Natalia Devlin


The Ukrainian people deserve freedom and destiny chosen by them. Their lives and liberty must be protected. The Ukrainian heritage, language and culture is world heritage. It should be valued and preserved. Every adequate person in this world is for peace, and so am I.

Dr Réagan Lorraine Lavorata.PhD

I support Ukraine, because the people are beautiful, peaceful, and the country is beautiful from what i have seen in photos and when I lived in Russia, I went to Novgorod which is not too far from Ukraine and when I lived in Russia, I went to a Ukrainian restaurant and I love the food; i also got a Ukrainian clacking toy when I lived in Russia, that was made in Ukraine and I also have a Christmas ornament from Ukraine. I was fascinated with Ukraine since I was a little girl. I always saw Ukraine as beautiful innocent girls playing in wheat farms. In addition, I have two vyshyvankas and I love Kyiv cake and I adore Zelensky

Annie Sato


I stand with Ukraine because of all the wonderful people I was able to meet in my time there. It was my first opportunity to spend time outside of the U.S. and learn about other cultures. They took me in and are a warm, welcoming people with so much to offer. I learned to humble myself and they truly taught me how to care best for others outside of myself. I love the people and country of Ukraine more than I can say.

Anastasiya Kondenko


Ukraine holds a special place in my heart. It is my motherland, and I still have many relatives there. Ukraine has an incredible culture, history, and people that deserve to make it through the next chapter of history.

Kelli Rohrig


I'm fascinated by the Ukrainian people and their resiliency. My stance is the Ukrainian people are keeping the Russians from the doorstep of the West. They are taking the brunt of what the Russians are delivering which means we need to do our best to keep them supplied however we can. "Supplied" can be nothing more than supporting them with positive messages or helping cover shipping costs for medical supplies.

Alex Kachurin


Fascist Russia's cruel invasion of its neighbor Ukraine is a horrendous crime, even more so as it was done under the guise of brotherly love and care for Ukrainian people. What one could have been thinking about Ukraine's government and ruling elites before February 24's invasion is irrelevant now in the face of Russia's brutal genocidal onslaught. My full support to Ukrainian Government and Armed Forces, my thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine. And to Mr. Putin: Mister in a stolen dress You're so dark but you paint it red Soaking wet in your golden bed You go, "Four, three, two, one" Count it, count it down How are you sleeping at night? How do you close both your eyes Living with all of those lives on your hands? Standing alone on that hill Using your fuel to kill We won't take it standing still Watch us dance !

Kara Erickson


We have a friend who is from the Ukraine- we met him through our niece. He is a wonderful person. Even if we did not know him, we would still stand with Ukraine. The people are so amazing and the fact that they have been fighting back and holding their own this long against Russia and what it stands for just melts my heart. I pray for the people of Ukraine every day and hope that they can continue to stand up and win against the evil Putin.

Julia Kell


I grew up in the shadow of WWII hearing stories from my grandparents of invaders who went across our land town by town, house by house doing terrible things. I had always wondered what I would have done had I been alive to witness it. For my family, sitting by doing nothing while Russia instituted a scorched earth and terror campaign against Ukraine reminiscent of WWII was never an option. The day Russia declared war, my cousins and I stayed up half the night googling charities and trying to determine how we can get aid to Ukraine as fast as possible. Over the last 11 months, everyone from my 7-year-old daughter to my 73 year old aunt and uncle have demonstrated, donated, packed humanitarian aid bags, tried to organize fundraisers, or written to our representatives. We will continue to support Ukraine in their fight by whatever means we have at our disposal for as long as it takes.



My family was victim to Russian aggression

Larysa Martyniuk


I support Ukraine because it is my ancestral land. It is a country that has found itself in a horrific war. I commiserate and try to support numerous relatives who reside in various regions of Ukraine. Conditions have become difficult for many of them. In addition I have been actively supporting various organizations that are helping with humanitarian aid.

Lisa Monkus


I returned to Colorado a few months before the war began in Ukraine and it broke my heart to see the images and hear the stories from my friends and on the news about what was happening. The only thing that has given me any peace of mind has been getting involved with fundraising events and most recently, being able to assist Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees find their way in Denver.




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