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Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.


Alex Kachurin


Thanks for taking the time to sit with us to share your thoughts with our readers. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about you?

My name is Alex Kachurin. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to the United States in mid-90's. I live in Louisville, Colorado and work as a Data Scientist.

Can you tell us why you stand with Ukraine?

Fascist Russia's cruel invasion of its neighbor Ukraine is a horrendous crime, even more so as it was done under the guise of brotherly love and care for Ukrainian people. What one could have been thinking about Ukraine's government and ruling elites before February 24's invasion is irrelevant now in the face of Russia's brutal genocidal onslaught. My full support to Ukrainian Government and Armed Forces, my thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine.

And to Mr. Putin:

Mister in a stolen dress
You're so dark but you paint it red
Soaking wet in your golden bed
You go, "Four, three, two, one"
Count it, count it down
How are you sleeping at night?
How do you close both your eyes
Living with all of those lives on your hands?
Standing alone on that hill
Using your fuel to kill
We won't take it standing still
Watch us dance !

Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts. In closing, is there a project, nonprofit, or an event that our readers should support?

There is a plethora of projects available. Many of them were founded by Ukrainians who rose up to protect their motherland. I advise you to learn more about these amazing organizations, so you can get engaged and offer support.

people & organizations every Ukrainian supporter should know


Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.

Every professional, every business, nonprofit, project, venture has a story. HiHelloUkraine wants to share your story with the broader community of Ukrainian well-wishers and supporters.

With Stories, we highlight the many people and organizations that make up and surround Ukraine professionally. We feature everyone from the eco-system to learn how they got started, what makes them unique and where they are heading.


Share the stories you read with your social network and help others discover all things Ukrainian, globally.

Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.

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