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Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.


Larysa Martyniuk


Thanks for taking the time to sit with us to share your thoughts with our readers. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about you?

My name is Larysa Martyniuk, born and raised on the east coast. NJ, NY and Connecticut are the places I resided before settling in Colorado. My parents arrived in the US after World War II .
Coming from western Ukraine they instilled a love for their ancestral land, it's culture and people. I attended Ukrainian school on Saturday and belonged to Plast growing up.
I am a visual artist, primarily a painter. My work is represented by several galleries in Colorado.

Can you tell us why you stand with Ukraine?

I support Ukraine because it is my ancestral land. It is a country that has found itself in a horrific war. I commiserate and try to support numerous relatives who reside in various regions of Ukraine. Conditions have become difficult for many of them. In addition I have been actively supporting various organizations that are helping with humanitarian aid.

Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts. In closing, is there a project, nonprofit, or an event that our readers should support?

There are so many wonderful organizations that are helping Ukraine. Among those I personally support and endorse are UNWLA, Razom, UCCA (these three are US based national organizations). Of course I also support and endorse the following organizations that are in Colorado, namely the following "Ukrainians of Colorado", "Ukraine Power" a new nonprofit in Colorado Springs, "Ukraine Aid Fund", "Sunflowers for Ukraine" and Ukrainians in Denver who have been instrumental in sending drones and military supplies.
До Перемоги! Слава Україні!🇺🇦

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Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.

Every professional, every business, nonprofit, project, venture has a story. HiHelloUkraine wants to share your story with the broader community of Ukrainian well-wishers and supporters.

With Stories, we highlight the many people and organizations that make up and surround Ukraine professionally. We feature everyone from the eco-system to learn how they got started, what makes them unique and where they are heading.


Share the stories you read with your social network and help others discover all things Ukrainian, globally.

Everyone has a story. We want to share yours.

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