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My name is Olga Osadcha.I am the owner of StyleHomeInterior in Denver I am an interior designer, who is passionate about interior design with comfort style of homes and life. In Ukraine I worked as entrepreneur in remodeling service for own design projects.


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I have good knowledge in creation of interior design project from white sheet till full designed house and ready for living and final sales remodeling apartments.

Some stage of design works which I used my professional skills:
Mood board inspiration.
Layouts (package of drafts for interior design and remodeling )
Color pallet .
Consulting in buying proper materials according to agreed design&budget.
Final Interior Design Mood board.
Hiring contractors for construction works.
Manage and control of proper implementation and quality of intermediate and final result of remodeling works.
Solving problems with contractors and suppliers in better way for common result.
Putting tasks for custom furniture companies and control of terms of realization.
Selection and buying other furniture/decor according to agreed design.
Prepare space for the final successful sale.

I can speak English, Ukrainian, Russian.

You can contact with me if you have any needs in next design works and
I will be happy to help you with these services:
- I can create the proper mood board for your style&cosy interior.
- I can help to plan you furniture layouts and package of remodeling 2D drawings of interiors by your request.
- The package of interior design mood board for your home will include furniture, decor, color/paint palette, lighting, flooring, and anything else you might need to finish off the space.
- I can do the consultation with furniture selection and preparation of furniture/decor shopping list .
- I can help to sale of your house for better price: to make staging in your home, update interior and make more cosy and stylish living space before selling of house in frame of your budget.
- I can help to earn more money for your Airbnb property: to help refresh the style and decor of interior design this space.
- I will help to select and prepare furniture&decor shopping list for new empty rent apartment according your budget

I ready to do your process of remodeling or moving in new apartment or house more easier and happier ;) Why? Because I am also become happier in such common successful result of final beauty space !

Please call me by this number:
I will be glad to hear your tasks and help to realize your dreams in real life ;)

Please look at my portfolio here :

https://www.behance.Olga Osadcha

Best regards,
Olga Osadcha

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