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Limbs for Liberty

Our story begins with a common understanding that all of what’s happening in Ukraine today is just wrong and should not be happening in the 21st century in the middle of Europe. A little boy blown up by a mine at the beach… A dad being shot in front of his son’s eyes… A mother mourning her 4 year old daughter who was killed by the Russian missile attack… We cannot bring those people back, but we can focus on those who have survived a heartless ambush on their life and just need a second chance at looking into their future with a bit more hope…. Just close your eyes for a second. Feel your left arm, now your right arm. Feel an amazing sensation of being able to stand on both of your feet… Many people in Ukraine were able to do just that before a Russian missile strike took that away from them or their loved ones. They are now left in a war torn country to figure out if there is anything that can still give them hope to live a normal life again. And that hope is you, me, all of us. We are their hope. And this is why we are doing this. To bring hope to people in Ukraine who were recently just like us and who have now lost that limb sensation. Let’s get it back to them..

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