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"Nonprofits For Ukraine" Coordination Network

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Food Bank of the Rockies is looking to learn more about Ukrainian food preferences in order to support our 800+ partners across Northern Colorado and Wyoming to better serve our newly arrived Ukrainian neighbors.

By anonymously completing this 10-minute survey you will support us in creating resources and working to offer the preferred types of foods to people experiencing food insecurity.

Food Bank of the Rockies прагне дізнатися більше про харчові переваги українців, щоб підтримати наших понад 800 партнерів у Північному Колорадо та Вайомінгу, щоб краще обслуговувати наших новоприбулих українських сусідів.

Анонімно заповнивши це 10-хвилинне опитування, ви підтримаєте с у створенні ресурсів і роботі над пропонуванням бажаних видів їжі людям, які відчувають нестачу їжі.

Are you a nonprofit or nonprofit project focused on Ukraine? Do you want to make your efforts even more impactful?

Join our movement to create a stronger community of social enterpreneurs finding ways to help Ukraine and its people.

As nonprofit professionals and good samaritans we are always on the lookout for next sponsor, donor, volunteer, partner, or for a new community to spread the word about your mission.

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Learn about Rotary Club of Denver Mile High and what is has done to help Ukraine...

And join our nonprofit registry. Meet the community of NGOs, volunteers, community with common goals of helping Ukraine.


List your non-profit organization or project on HiHelloUkrai...
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