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Ukrainian Food Near You...

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Welcome to the group!

Ukraine has some of the most diverse cuisine in the world.

Over the centuries, there were many different people who called, what Ukraine is now, home. They were Greeks, Vikings, Mongols, Russians, Polish, Hungarians, Turks, Tadjiks, Georgians, Kazachs, Jewish people, and many others.

For all the taste, aesthetics, and richness of Ukrainian cuisine, it is surprisingly extremely hard to find a restaurant that specializes in Ukrainian Food or service Ukrainian Dishes.

I have lived in USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt and travelled through more than 60 other countries and all of the United States always seeking to fill my craving for Borsh, Vareniki, Galushki, and Kolbaski. Unfortunately, I was rarely successful.

There are always two sides to any coin. And, my inability to find Ukrainian Food led me to become an accomplished amateur chef specializing in preparing Ukrainian dishes.

I am a self-proclaimed Ukrainian Cuisine Advocate with a goal of helping non-Ukrainian community discover Ukrainian cuisine.

This is where this Group comes in…

Calling on everyone who loves Ukrainian food, who wants to learn about Ukrainian food, and those who want to incorporate Ukrainian food in their eating habits to help document and archive information about restaurants and food trucks that service Ukrainian dishes as well as businesses that sell packaged Ukrainian Food & Beverage.


Welcome to the group! Ukraine has some of the most diverse ...


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