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Ukrainian Refugee Global Support Network

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Welcome to the group!

This group is for Ukrainian refugee or a family that is hosting Ukrainian refugees in Colorado.

WHY BE PART OF THIS GROUP: Only members of this group are eligible to ALL of the benefits (for both the refugee family as well as the host family).


Economic Assistance:

-free week worth of groceries per family from one of our partners We Don't Waste (only 100 grocery kits are available on first come, first serve basis).

-free Ukrainian Food Festival meal ticket ($35 value, may or may not be available depending on how many "Friend of Ukraine" Meal Passes have been paid for by the community (limited availability).

Small Business Set Up & Support

Access to Ukrainian Refugee Business Support Network, a community group of Colorado business owners who help Ukrainian refugees (with prior small business owner experience) to get started on their Entreprenurial journey

Public Speaking

Do you want to tell your story to a local community, well, we will help you get your first public speaking presentation


meet a great community of Ukrainian well-wishers and supporters from outside of the Ukrainian Diaspora. EXPAND YOUR NETWORK


Welcome to the group! This group is for Ukrainian people wh...


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