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Watch, Listen, and Discover Ukrainian businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, artists, culture and more
with highlighted features covering Friends of Ukraine businesses, non-profits, and government agencies 

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Ukrainians in Denver Series

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S1.Ep1 Sasiski Ot Aliski, Denver, CO

Ukrainian Business Feature

S1.E2 Ukrainians of Colorado. Denver, CO

S1.E3 EuropeanWaffles. Colorado Springs, CO

Ukrainian Non-profit Feature

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

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S1.E4 Alameda Dental, Denver, CO

Ukrainian Business Feature

S1.E5 Governor Polis, Denver, CO

Government Feature

S1.E6 Masha Brodskaya in Denver, CO

Musician and More Feature

S1.E7 Ukraine Aid Fund, Denver, CO

Ukrainian Nonprofit Feature

S1.E8 Welcome.US, Denver, CO

Friend of Ukraine Nonprofit Feature

S1.E9 Diversified Consulting, Denver, CO

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

S1.E10 Southwest Carpenters Training Fund

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

S1.E11 UPS

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

History of Ukraine in 30 Seconds Series...
“You have to know the past to understand the present” Carl SeganEntrepreneurs

S1.E1: History is important

S1.E1: The Scythians Part 1

S1.E3: The Scythians Part 2

Cross Channel Live Media Series...
highlights by  other media channels focusing on community support for Ukrainian Owned Businesses & Entrepreneurs

S2.E1 Keep Local Alive, KGU9 Channel

Ukrainian Business Feature

S2.E2 Door County Candles, FOX6 Channel

Ukrainian Business Feature

S2.E3 Self-Reliance Credit Union, Fox61 Channel

Ukrainian Business Feature

S2.E4 American Heritage Credit Union , CBS Philly

Ukrainian Business Feature

S2.E5 Polish-American Federal Credit Union, 7ABC Channel

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

S2.E6 Pechka Bakery, NBC4 Columbus

Friends of Ukraine Business Feature

S2.E7 Mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Voice of America

Friends of Ukraine, Public Figure Feature

Friends of Ukraine, Good Samaritan Feature

S2.E9 Ukraine Nonprofits in Colorado, Voice of America

Nonprofits for Ukraine in Colorado Feature


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